Broken Trust

This is a reblog from a cyber friend of mine. She has such a beautiful way of expressing herself, that I’ve posted it here in hopes that it will help others who are in or have been in abusive relationships.

Inform, Inspire, Inflame

This post will be rather long and different from what I intend this blog to contain. I cannot, however, focus on what I’d really like to write without putting into words what is bothering me. I hope this will touch those who read it and that it will reach someone who needs it:

Six years ago today, my life was at the peak of a living hell. My mental state had dissipated into mush, frequently experiencing moments of prolonged, intense fear and terror and then left too exhausted to contemplate much more than sleep. What should have been a happy time had become nothing more than a desperate struggle to find the necessary motivation to keep on breathing, and in July of 2009, I finally broke. Over the course of a little over a year, I’d entered what had started as a blissful relationship… and barely escaped with my life…

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